Fake Film Festival cameras by Lobsterboy

Fake Film Festival

Some illustrations for the, soon to be launched, Fake Film Festival website.

My process usually involves lots of research of the objects I want to illustrate. Once I have the final images I use black ink with a brush or nib pen and draw until I have something good. I work on top of the first drawings with tracing paper, adding details and large silhouette shapes that will later become background colour.

Then it’s time for the laborious task of scanning everything and retouching in Photoshop, taking out all the bad drawings and ink smudges. I usually have a colour palette already in mind, so I play around with what I think will work, sometimes it works first time, sometime it doesn’t.

Here’s some preliminary images and the final illustrations

Fake Film Festival cameras

Fake Film Festival cameras

Fake Film Festival logo

Fake Film Festival cameras


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