Clocks illustration by lobsterboy

The Sketchbook Project – Timezones

So many countries to visit, so little time 😉

I originally had the idea to make up weird names for the cities but then I ran out of time. With the Sketchbook deadline looming I decided to google weird city names but I didn’t find anything bizarre enough, eventually I just settled on some interesting sounding locations. Anyway, even though it didn’t really turn out as I first imagined it was fun to draw.


6 thoughts on “The Sketchbook Project – Timezones

  1. I like to use a ‘word’ to start a painting or begin to develop a concept that leads to many. Nice choice on this one. This art journalling is very popular and obviously quite interesting.

    1. yeah I find that most of my illustrations never end up like I originally imagined. Mistakes happen, ideas change etc. But I love the serendipity in that, to the point now that I welcome mistakes because they take me somewhere I would never of imagined.

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