Cover Sketchbook by Lobsterboy

The Sketchbook Project – Distance and Time

It’s time for more Sketchbooking fun. I’m taking part in the Sketchbook Project ‘Limited’ for 2012. If you’re not familiar with The Sketchbook Project it’s a collaborative project created by the Art House Co-op in Brooklyn, NY. All the sketchbooks from artists are stored in their library which is open to the public for viewing. The library tours around the American countryside, venturing into Canada and down to Australia (Melbourne) in November.

The Limited Edition is restricted to 5,000 artists and a theme is required. They have a few to choose from. I’ve chosen ‘Distance and Time’. I guess they make you choose a theme so that they can create sections in the book(s).

They will be making a series of books featuring at least one spread from all the artists’ sketchbooks. Can’t wait to see my work in print 🙂

The deadline for posting the sketchbook is April 30. I have 8 pages to complete so I’d better get cracking. I love deadlines, ha!

The Sketchbook Project


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