Drawing 285/365 – mine field

Travelling through India is an amazing experience. Unfortunately I didn’t get much time to draw. Travelling in India is not a relaxing experience, even when you have nothing do on a 14 hour train journey from Agra to Varanasi. It’s hot, humid, noisy and crowded and the sights, smells and culture are so confronting that it makes it very hard not be on guard the whole time. It took me about two weeks to become comfortable and to start enjoying it.

I found that the only place to relax and get away from the chaos was in our hotel room which was really disappointing because the place I wanted to be drawing was out in the street. But wherever you go in India it’s the same noisy, dusty, relentless experience.

In any case I did get some drawing done. I have a bunch of stuff to post over the next few days, most of it influenced by the sights and sounds of India.

This first one I did in khajuraho where the kamasutra temples are. I was trying to get some repetition in there as India seems to be all about repetition and I think it was rubbing off on me. Wherever we went it was the same shops, the same dust and heat, the same touts trying to sell you junk from their road side stores.


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