Drawing 165/365

Was talking to Ti yesterday, she mentioned that she really enjoyed reading my thought process behind the works I’m posting, so I thought I should try to talk more about the inner workings of creating my work from now on.

So this is pretty much how I work and what goes through my head.

First and foremost is speed. As much as I’d like to I can’t spend all-day working a piece, I have too much other stuff going on and in any case the purpose of this blog is to be experimental, spontaneous and meditative. So I’ll usually spend an hour drawing the piece, scanning and placing items in illustrator. Then another 15-30 min posting the work. I think forcing myself to work fast is a good thing. It takes away all the labouring and decision making that I would usually do if I was working on a something for a few weeks or months, like a logo or a GUI (Graphical User Interface). This process is more like the 15 second drawings we used to do in life drawing class. You don’t have time to analyse the work to death. You fall back on instinct and spontaneity which is exactly where I want to be coming from when creating.

I usually have an idea of what I want to draw before I start. This week I have been thinking about the houses around our suburb. The shapes, colours and textures of the houses and the chimneys in particular. Black and white, circles, power-lines, fences, run down factories and a bunch of earthy colours like warm red, green, blue and yellow. I’d say this is probably because I’m always in that creative head space every day at my full-time job. On top of that, since I started this blog, I’ve found I’ve had more of a subconscious creative flow happening. It’s kind of always there in the back ground, just sometimes it comes through more.

/Rambling. So, yeah, I’ve been thinking about some things which will manifest themselves into some drawing this week coming. So, the process. I start with some ideas based on those thoughts. Choose some paper. The paper for this piece is a couple of pages out of an old sketchbook that I used on the job one day while trying to work out the functionality of some application. You’ll see in the background some comments and notes about the user interface and the project requirements. Kind of a nice place to start I think having something there that I can work with. It also sort of gives me some direction and influences where I draw to some extent.

At the moment I’m getting back into using pencils so I’ll start there. I used a range of pens and pantone markers to lay down the first shapes and colours as randomly as possible with a conscious effort to make the illustration flow in some way. You’ll notice that most of the objects are pointing from top left to bottom right. That’s not accidental. I called this piece ‘theBillabong’ because I had the idea of a watering hole with trails around it from creatures visiting to drink. So I started with the large black blob in the centre and worked outwards. I then added the other pieces in Illustrator trying not to think about their placement too much. And that’s it pretty much.


2 thoughts on “Drawing 165/365

  1. I really like your work lobsterboy! I thought you must have been Australian after the billabong reference. I look forward to your daily pics…..they’re great!

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