Drawing 101/365

Well, I’ve broken the ton, phew! was an effort to get here but its been a great experience. I really feel that my drawing skills have improved and it’s interesting seeing the quality of the first drawings against the newer ones. The desire to draw has increased also. I went through a few lulls where I didn’t feel like drawing much but on the whole I’ve felt quite motivated. It’s become part of my daily routine now and I’m finding it easier to find time to draw because I’m putting it in front of other things, like watching tv, which while I mention it, is such a waste of time, and I don’t miss it at all. In fact I’ve always loathed it but when it’s on you can’t help watching.

Anyway, so another thing that has come out of this experience is the possibility of creating a book of these drawing when I’m finished. Denise, a friend from Ireland, put the idea in my head. I hadn’t really thought about what might come of this body of work but I guess I should do something with it when I’m finished. Or I might just keep going : )


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