Drawing 43/365

well, not really sure what to say about this one, just a bit of fun really. Lots of hand drawn stuff mixed with vector from illustrator. If you’re interested in the process here’s a run-down…

I’ve been playing with cut up magazines for a while now so I grabbed some of the strips I had laying around and stuck them randomly trying not to think about it too much. That’s the trick really, not thinking about what you’re creating. I know it sounds strange but I find I do the best work when I don’t analyse everything, just let if flow and go with my instincts. So, then I drew the candelabra and the chairs and used Pantone markers to add some colour.

I then scanned the paper in about six parts, I only have an A4 flatbed so I have to scan multiple images and stitch them together in Photoshop. Then I brought the full image into Illustrator and added the vector bits like the chair pattern and the circles. Simple really ; )


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