Lets get started – 365 drawings, 365 days

okay, so this is my second attempt at keeping a blog going. I think I just get bored and forget about them, like I do with books that become uninteresting half way through. I have a few lying around that I’ve never finished.

But I think this one will have a greater purpose than just me writing mindless crap about my life. I’m going to use it as a visual diary (something to look back on) and a creative steadfast – to keep me on track in completing some of my goals for 2010. One of which is to create at least 2 children’s books this year.

So to keep my creative juices flowing and to ‘loosen’ up my drawing style I’m attempting to draw and post 365 illustrations this year, one for every day. I’ve heard of artist doing this type of thing before and they found it quite tough. I have no illusions that this is going to be easy, but I’m not going to restrict myself to making every drawing polished to perfection. I’m aiming for pretty much the exact opposite.

This exercise is designed to get me to draw every day and post whatever comes out whether its good or not. Hopefully a few gems and a bunch of new ideas with surface along the way.

So here goes, drawing No.1


7 thoughts on “Lets get started – 365 drawings, 365 days

  1. Hey Dave,

    I like this. Have you seen my vietnam album – they have some crazy powerlines there. Might be a good challenge…

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